PunchAlert Status Site

This site started as a simple way to provide our customers with maintenance and incident information. What began as a home grown process for gauging response times and communicating issues to our users and customers, quickly became an invaluable resource for us and them. However. With that growth also came the need to expand how we captured response times for our service, and how we communicated, captured and conveyed the information. Hence, the evolution of this status site.

While this Status site is most certainly home grown, we began using a service provider (UptimeRobot) to capture certain statistics with v2 and originally looked to an open source status solution (Staytus) for site layout and inspiration.

This is now v3 of the status site; which had to endure a makeover to accomodate some of our new design efforts. In v3, we brought everything back in, the site design, comm channel options and sites/service statistics are now all captured and/or evaluated by internal processes.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know here. Thanks!


  • August 2019 Tuesday the thirteenth

    Status Site v3 Go-Live

  • April 2019 Sunday the seventh

    Status Site v3 updates begin

  • January 2019 Tuesday the first

    Status Site v2 Go-Live

  • December 2018 Friday the twenty-eighth

    Status Site makeover begins

  • October 2016 Wednesday the fifth

    New Status Site Go-Live

  • May 2016 Monday the sixteenth

    Status Site revisions to include public subscriptions

  • December 2015 Wednesday the twenty-third

    Maintenance Sessions were added to the Status Site

  • June 2015 Thursday the eleventh

    Original Status Site Go-Live